Sunday, April 18, 2010

Application Template

Short Bio: (max 100 words + photo)
Project Description: (max 250 words)
This trip will impact my life by: (max 100 words)
Travel Costs: $nnnn
I can pay: $nnn
Agreement: I agree to provide a follow-up report and to pay back my travel money within 5 years of graduation, so that another student can get the same opportunity I did.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010


The purpose of this initiative is to fund students to travel to communities where they will participate in service projects. Our belief is that US students get much more out of giving to a less-privileged community than the community receives from them. When they touch the lives of others, their lives get touched as well. However, many US students do not have the monetary means to travel, and therefore never have the opportunity to be moved by people through service. Our goal is to grant them this opportunity.

By accepting the travel awards, the students agree to (1) write a report and/or create a video about how the trip impacted themselves and others and (2) to fund another students' travel when they are able (~5 years after graduation).

We accept applicants from established student organizations. UT for REED is our first partner organization.